Smart Aging

Smart Aging is our core value, the cornerstone around which our company, our philosophy and our fundamental purpose revolve. We are partners with time. We enjoy it and develop smart solutions for every skin type.

Smart Solutions


Effective, innovative solutions for every skin type.

At MartiDerm Group we strive to provide solutions. Because we all have unique and different skin, so we need unique and different solutions. That is why in our laboratory we only work with the most advanced technology, state-of-the-art processes and best-in-class active ingredients.

Development of 
a cosmetic product

Everything begins with an IDEA agreed on with the teams to prepare a document that will set out all the new product’s requirements: who it is aimed at, skin type, packaging... That is when the search begins for the leading active ingredients and optimal bases to deliver the best solution.

The laboratory trials begin and don't stop until we have obtained a product that is pleasant to the senses and stable over time. Once we have achieved that, we have to learn how to scale it up for industrial production. The new product is the outcome of this long journey, and so the MartiDerm family grows.

Solution One

Innovation, Actives and Formulas

We create pioneering and competitive formulas with high added value.

Our focus is on the long term: always looking to the future to come up with the best combinations of actives that deliver benefits for our skin.

Our products ‘say what they do and do what they say’. And we prove it with clinical studies.

solution Two

Aimed at what our customers
and society need

We are always seeking to bring new solutions to present needs in skin beauty and health.

We draw on professional dermatologists and pharmacists to listen to their needs and design cosmetics that are functionally active and safe for consumers.

Orientados a las necesidades de nuestros clientes y de la sociedad

At the forefront of 
trends and developments

We have an extensive team of highly qualified professionals ahead of the latest dermocosmetic sector curves: microbiome, pollution, blue light, sustainability, epigenetics, growth factors...

A la vanguardia en tendencias y actualidad


A way to be, to live and to help.

For the MartiDerm Group, people are at the heart of it all: employees, partners, customers, families, vulnerable persons... This way of thinking and working, always present at the MartiDerm Group, drives us to promote a lifestyle that reaches way beyond skincare.

Our solidarity product:
Hands for Help

MartiDerm’s commitment to society has a name, i.e., the Hands for Help charity that honours the first solidarity product, our hand cream, which has been allocating 100% of its profits to social initiatives since 2008, and the inclusion of our Calamina Plus cream in 2023 for the same purpose (also dedicating 100% of its profits). 

The charity has its own logo and organisation within MartiDerm and is the source of the social responsibility commitment rolled out across other areas, such as governance and sustainability.

More than 48,000 people have been attended in Spain since 2008 thanks to this solidarity initiative.

Nuestro producto solidario: Hands for Help

Our social commitment

The charity is strategic for MartiDerm and is rolled out across four areas:

  1. Job opportunities, labour integration and professional development for people with a disability.
  2. Solidarity dermatology together with international cooperation, deploying knowledge around skincare and cures, such as in the case of scabies in Malawi.
  3. Solidarity dermatology in caring for vulnerable groups, leaving no-one behind and helping the elderly attended by the Red Cross.
  4. Fostering team solidarity and supporting local social causes.

MartiDerm’s social initiatives have a positive impact on society and help deliver on the following SDGs:


Smart Planet


We take care of and respect the planet.

Taking care of the planet is a major commitment and one we can’t afford to ignore. We have set out to apply and develop manufacturing processes that respect the environment. We want to care for our skin, but also our planet.

Eco-friendly products

We have made significant headway in the past three years with the FSC certification of our secondary packaging, conducting the life cycle analysis of the packaging for our flagship product, the proteoglycan ampoules, and ensuring that our innovations integrate increasingly more environmental improvements. We will also reduce the environmental impact of all our materials and continue to bring innovation to eco-packaging.

Productos Ecofriendly

Zero-emissions plant

Our new facilities have been fitted with aerothermal, geothermal and solar panels since 2016. This allows us to produce 50% of the energy we need.

And we changed over to renewable based energy in 2019, making us a Zero Emissions company.

Nave Cero emisiones

Reduce our footprint

By forming part of the Science Based Target, we guarantee that the reduction of our carbon footprint is in line with global standards.

Reducir nuestra huella

Staff engagement

Sustainability and awareness around caring for the environment are commitments for the entire MartiDerm Group team. That’s why we engage in organised walks to pick up litter from the environment.

Implicación del personal