Smart Hub

Where ideas are born.

About the Hub

The Smart Aging Hub is Grupo MartiDerm’s knowledge and innovation centre. It is the engine that drives and inspires all Group activity with one major challenge: to be able to pose new questions and find best-in-class solutions across all areas of our work.

The goal is to develop knowledge to make time an ally through original and unique solutions that improve the care and wellbeing of people’s skin.

MartiDerm harnesses the Smart Aging Hub to research, innovate, experiment and channel the different ideas the Group’s people come up with.
We are also in constant communication with experts, researchers and even prestigious universities the world over. In short, all our innovation and knowledge are in permanent contact with new trends in order to present solutions that reach beyond product development and leverage a commitment to planetary sustainability, always considering wellness and solidarity with people.

This key challenge is built on from Barcelona, a smart city with a proud history at the forefront of design and innovation.

Smart hub que es

The 8 work areas

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Generate new knowledge to make time an ally.

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Leverage our 60-plus years’ experience to design and develop unique formulations. 


Research with new and differential active ingredients.


Promote studies and debate among experts. 


Isolate and deliver on emerging trends in the dermocosmetic market. 


Raise team awareness around each person’s skincare needs, reflected in their personal wellbeing. 


Power the innovation deliverables that appear in any area of the company. 


Transform ideas into effective Smart Aging solutions for customers.

How to go about it

The Smart Aging Hub benefits from the knowledge and experience of the entire MartiDerm team worldwide. Ideas and initiatives arise from their creative ability and disruptive thinking: formulations, processes, new trends, communication and distribution channels, lived experiences and well as touchpoints with external experts who also bring their knowhow to bear.

The innovation managers in the Group’s different areas drill down on these budding ideas and work the preliminary studies up into the required research projects developed in a process of co-creation.

Once a project has been defined and validated, it is handed over to a project development team (PDT) to analyse the new ideas and grow the project or prototype subsequently tested for final validation.

This results in new, inventive dermocosmetic product and service developments, sustainability initiatives and cooperation and solidarity projects. 

Work to date

MartiDerm Diversity 

(Randstad Award)

Back to Basics project:

(Re)Herm and BMED

• (Re)Herm: observation was tapped for insights into Gen Z’s needs with a new brand of natural, vegan and upcycled products aimed at the skincare routines of young people the world over, with a communication style they can relate to.

• BMED: our experience in doctor’s visits informed the need for a brand targeted at dermatology and beauty clinics, with products for exclusive use by physicians in-office and for patients to continue their treatment at home.

Malawi – Stop Scabies project

A project that together with the Piel Sana Foundation aims to eradicate this terrible disease in Malawi and provide its medicine and other health science students with grants through the Active Africa nonprofit.

Hands For Help project

Solidarity is a founding value for us. To be able to help society, we resolved to create a solidarity product where all profits would go on social initiatives.

Global Energy Sustainability project.

We only have one planet, so we have to look after it. Our facilities are energy-sustainable and powered by geothermal, aerothermal and solar panel energy. 

Our commitment to become a 100% sustainable company goes much further and has seen us cut the use of plastic in the packaging of our star product, OUR AMPOULES, by 84%. 

Smart Planet is part of a major objective into which we plan to funnel all the efforts and resources needed to become a ZERO WASTE business by 2025